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Old November 30th, 2017, 01:58 PM
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HD OTA Antennas

ok so I posted before how I cut the land line with magic jack, got on a xfinity promo to cut cable bill but in 7 months the cable bill will be up...

so the only thing that held me to cable tv was my wifes "need" for the Hallmark Channel. Well until NOW. .literally recently... you couldn't get it any other way. Well sling tv had it as a $5 add on...
now sony vue has it within their subscription ($45 as 2 neighbors have it)
so I got talking to the wife about getting rid of cable tv. She is tired of how much tv our youngest watches and were going to put a cabosh on that eventually. I told her that there is no reason why we need cable tv anymore. She looked at me and said.. ummm Hallmark..

so for this entire football season I have been watching the NFL via OTA using Philips Indoor HDTV/UHF/VHF/FM TV Antenna. literally $8.50 on Walmart.com. it is sooo much vibrant and way clearer as xfinity has to compress the signal.

so I built an antenna...

built for $8 - WOOOT

so channels go as follows:
1st floor - 45 channels no ch6
2nd floor - 56 channels no ch6
attic - 71 channels CH6 !!!!!

so all good. well then I need to redo my dvr setup.

currently dvr is via hd homerun prime box (with m cable card) so after reading, etc I went with the Hauppauge HD OTA antenna since I'm using NextPVR anyway.

I get it in...
hooked up tuner to antenna
did a scan and got 58 channels on 2 tuners, 64 on another and 71 on last...
I keep scanning and wasn't changing.

I uninstalled everything, retried things... and now only getting 58 channels on all 4...
so on nextpvr forums I post that and I'm told that TV's have a booster and the tuner card would be too big for each of the tuners to have a booster.

well now that means I have to buy an antenna...

this is where I'm lost.
I found antennas that seem like would cost a lot of money... 150 said miles but only cost $35

but then there is this one... (started researching distance)
that is 70 mile but $128. googling, etc. I realize ch6 news is 29.5 miles drive from my house with minimal turns so 29 mile direct... thus I could go with the 45 mile antenna @ $50

googling top hd ota antennas.. this one comes up as this month...

is there something I should be looking for?
thx for some guidance..
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