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Old February 18th, 2016, 01:25 PM
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At&t service in the US with pay as you go?


this seems to be a good fit for a vacation home in that it can send alerts based on temp, events and so on. I would also like to be able to send SMS messages to the home to trigger events such as AC on and raise setpoints.

I have checked and we have GSM coverage with AT&T only in the area i would like to use this.

Has anyone had success with a modem and the AT&T pay as you go program? I have no issues paying .20c for every message - i just don't need a bill monthly to send SMS.

If you have this working, what modem have you used? I have heard that AT&T does not support the Q2303A Wavecom modem ..

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Old February 18th, 2016, 02:11 PM
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Many (or all) here in the US telco providers have gone to promoting and only letting you use their own stuff where as you cannot anymore just take a sim card and install it in a non provided telco modem.

Got slammed here with my AT&T account of 25 years in December, 2014 and switched over to T-Mobile.

Note I am looking as I do not pay attention to these any more and they have worked just fine.

1 - Nexus Hawk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nexus_Hawk

This one allows for two sim cards with failover, runs on 12VDC and has a built in GPS. It is well built. It has a built in AP and network connection and is data only. It has an RS-232 port on it and not sure if it will work as SMS modem. Never tried. Data works fine. These are used for emergency / disaster locations communications.

2 - Ericsson W25 (ordered from Australia) - BEST combination voice, data (switch and wireless), SMS modem. Works great. Purchased a couple of them. I use one for failover to my ISP connection. They are not made anymore but you can find them on the Ebay. You can use them for just SMS with telnet (ssh) if you want and data works better. The best and too bad they quit making it. These are used still today for emergencies and foreign embassies, et al. It is not a plugnplay thing with the plugin such that you will have to do your own thing with SMS (telnetting scripts). Might as well just use the data connection.

3 - ZTE - T-Moble device - little wireless AP. It is only a wireless AP and does SMS via a proprietary interface. I have it, tried it and really didn't like it.
You cannot connect the USB port to a PC as it is disabled and you can only charge the battery with it.

- Pete


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