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Old February 13th, 2018, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by DMT View Post
Updated to version and noticed there is now a "HomeSeer" image when casting from the plugin.

Spud, any chance could loose this image or tell us where to find/change it? I assume you viewed this on the HomeSeer device page and it looked ok but it's no good for HSTouch, which I doubt you use.

My HSTouch screens pull the album artwork from images/chromecast/ /thumbnail.jpg and it looks good. When I cast (radio stations) from the plugin I replace the thumbnail.jpg with my own image using a copy file script and all looks good but your stock image kind of interferes, initially. My recommendation would be to just loose that image altogether when using the default player but if you have to keep it for some reason, scale it to a square album artwork format.

Thanks very much for the good work on this plugin.

The homeseer image is downloaded and written to images/Chromecast/<id>/thumbnail.jpg like any other album image, so if your script overwrite this file at the right time it should work.

I will scale the image in the next version.
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