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General Description

SDJ-Health General Description

The purpose of this plug-in is to monitor the health of battery devices in HS3 and to enable triggering of alerts from one root Virtual Device so that events do not need to be reconfigured as battery devices are added or removed from your system. It is principally aimed at Z-Wave devices but can also be used with other technologies with some limitations.

The plug-in was originally conceived to automatically detect and monitor non listening Z-Wave battery devices and raise alerts when the batteries in any of these devices die, i.e. the device stops waking up. As long as ‘Log Poll and Wake-up Messages’ checked in ‘Plugins>Z-Wave>Z-Wave Network and Options’ the plug-in will detect and add monitoring devices the first time each physical device wakes up. Any new devices of this type added to your system will be detected and monitored.

Many devices report inaccurate battery levels so the highest priority alert from the plug-in is when a device dies. This does not depend on levels and therefore works however unreliable the reported value. This was the main reason for developing the plug-in. However, some battery devices do report accurate levels so the plug-in can trigger alerts based on low battery level, high discharge rate and/or exceeding a predefined battery life. The types of alerts and trigger levels can be set globally but also adjusted for individual devices where necessary.

Some Z-Wave battery devices (ZSmokes for instance) don’t send wake-up messages but send a regular heartbeat at predefined intervals. If this method is turned on the plug-in can automatically detect these devices in a similar way to wake-up devices.

Other Z-Wave battery devices, such as locks and sirens, are listening devices and therefore always awake. These devices don’t send periodic wake-up messages so aren’t automatically detected by the plug-in. To enable these devices to be monitored the plug-in has additional methods that can be manually selected. The plug-in can be set to periodically poll the battery child to check that it is still responding. Alternatively the plug-in can be set to monitor the activity of all the children of a particular device and alert if there has been no activity for a period of time.

As discussed above the plug-in has multiple methods of monitoring devices. The ‘Activity Monitoring’ method can in principle be used on any device so is not limited to Z-Wave technology. This method is not automatic so the devices to be monitored have to be selected from a list of your battery devices. The current limitations in the plug-in are that the battery device needs to be part of a group with at least a parent and a battery child. All children that are part of the group are monitored for activity, along with the battery child, so it works best with the likes of climate sensors which are reporting fairly frequently. I only have one non-Z-Wave battery devices, an X10 RF motion sensor. Whilst slightly long winded to achieve I have this monitored so it is included with all the other devices being monitored. I wouldn’t recommend the plug-in for monitoring exclusively X10 devices but it can be useful to add them if you are running the plug-in anyway in a mixed environment.

In addition to alerts the plug-in can record battery history to a SQLite database and display the recorded values within HS3.

The plug-in has been tested on Windows and Linux.

The plug-in is free to use and I hope you find it useful. Should you wish to donate you can use the following link but please feel no obligation to do this.


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