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Old September 30th, 2017, 05:35 AM
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Version History

SDJ-Health Version History

Version :
• History buttons now only displayed for devices with database logging turned on.

Version :
• Added BatteryFactor that can be applied to devices that report a battery range that is greater or less than 100 to convert to 0-100%.
• If batteries are replaced in a device set to check by polling and level is updated by HS3, the monitoring device will now change to ok without waiting for next polling interval.

Version :
• Now able to handle battery values above 100.

Version :
• Precautionary-Now force HS to save device after writing PED to root monitoring device.

Version :
• Added some polling messages to Log Level 1.
• Added some additional error checking.
• Removed some redundant code

Version :
• Corrected a bug that affected some installations using comma as decimal delimeter. Failed to read PEData for child devices.

Version :
• Updated device images to sdj-health.png.

Version :
• Changed the Device Type of SDJ-Health monitoring devices to support the Plug-in API property to improve selection on the Device Management page. Existing devices are updated on first run of this update.

Version :
• Added the last battery change date in battery history lists.

Version :
• Corrected some minor bugs which affected Local Settings overrides.

Version :
• Corrected a bug in writing discharge rates to the SQLite if your system uses ‘,’ for the decimal separator.

Version :
• Default polling interval changed to 360 minutes for new installations only. If you are upgrading and use the polling method for any devices then I would suggest you consider whether the polling interval that is set is shorter than necessary. Default was 60 minutes. You can change this globally from ‘Plug-ins>SDJ-Health>Config’.
• Device configuration SDJHealth tab – Re-coded as there was a small possibility of confusion if you clicked on ‘Set All to Global’ and then moved away without Saving or Cancelling.
• Device configuration SDJHealth tab - Additional Information added. Reference IDs and Monitoring Method. Full battery history list in scrollable region if you have Log to Database selected. Button for trimming (deleting) stored history data for the individual device.
• Config Page - Additional parameter added to restrict the maximum number of stored battery readings for each device when logging. This prevents the database growing indefinitely. Click ‘Trim Now’ to trim the full database immediately, however each devices stored data is trimmed if necessary each time a new value is added.
• Clicking the ‘History’ button on a device now cycles back and forth between the normal details and the battery history, if logging is selected.

• Installation and updating now uses updater_override.txt method.
• SDJ-Health Guide added to //Docs folder.
• Optional logging of battery levels to SQLite database added.
• History button added to child devices to display logged battery levels.
• ReTrigger button added to Health Root
• Minor bug fixes

Last version before guide was

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Old April 22nd, 2018, 11:23 AM
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Sorry I had neglected to keep this version history up to date. I have however been updating it at the end of the guide document.

Updated to which has been submitted to HS so should be released shortly.

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