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Miscellaneous (Formerly MCS Free Plug-Ins) Discussions relating to the WebAgent and other free plug-ins, provided by Michael McSharry. For MCS "pay" plug-ins, please see the specific plug-in forum.

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Old December 22nd, 2003, 06:30 PM
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mcsMusic is a Homeseer Plugin that allows web viewing and control of various MP3 and CD music players. The primary user interface is a desktop, laptop, or touchscreen browser that presents attractively formatted current playing information. This includes cover art graphics, textual song information, and graphic control buttons. Control of the player can also be achieved with VR from a microphone or telephone as well as standard scripting interface common to all players.

The plugin supports 19 simultaneous players from a mixture of CDJ, Winamp, phJuke/Audrey, WMP, and a user-defined custom player. Players can be resident on any combination of computers on the Homeseer LAN.

Library management tools are also included that assure consistency of the physical library and the database that organizes the tracks, albums, playlist, lyrics, bios, and cover art. These tools also provide for ID3 processing, and playlist generation in either pla or m3u formats based upon query criteria or individual selections.

Homeseer integration consists of virtual device, VR, and script. The homeseer devices provide quick access to any player and its playlist status. They also give quick playlist launch capability and the ability to play a fixed number of tracks within a playlist. Device value and status changes are availble for event triggers such as end-of-song, end-of-playlist, or player state changes.

The setup/skin of the browser display is customizable without any editing of files. For those that need to augment basic control capabilities, then script escapes are provided at each control point. No scripting needed, but full script interface avaialble for those that may have specific needs.

Key Features

Attractive Browser "Now Playing" display
Ease of customization
Suite of support tools
Interface to multiple players at multiple locations
Homeseer device and event interface
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