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Migrating to HomeSeer (From Another System) Are you migrating from another system to HomeSeer? Use this forum to connect with others who've done the same thing!

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Old May 7th, 2018, 02:33 PM
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Home Assistance and MQTT

I downloaded a trial just to see if I could get my Homeseer switch scenes to MQTT their way into Home Assistant and/or node-red. I plugged in a zwave stick, unpaired both a WS100+ switch and a WD100+ switch, and I added them to HomeSeer. I got three devices for each switch, a light a scene, and a switch. I then downloaded the two MQTT plugins I found.

I started with the MQTT plugin. I pointed it at my MQTT broker on Home Assistant and it populated some devices under publish. I went ahead and added some topics, and confirmed that information was passed via that topic to my MQTT broker. I have no idea what the checkboxes for Value or String are for (and I couldn't find any documentation). There does not seems to be a binary state for these switches; 0 is off and 99 is on. I didnít want that so I created an Event that passed On/Off. I get 0 but 99 makes no sense to me.
So far so kinda good but I need to be able to set values as well so I started looking at subscriptions. I went into node-red and I created an MQTT node out and set it to a topic I wanted to subscribe to in Homeseer. I threw an inject node with value in it and fired it off. I confirmed that the subscription showed up and I added it by pressing the Add button. None of the tabs that came up made any sense whatsoever other than Device name, floor, and room under configuration.
Switches are bound automagically for Publish but not for Subscribe and I couldnít find a way to bind Publish/Subscribe into a getter/setter model. If itís there, it eluded me. So I went back to Events. I created an Event and said when my subscribed to topic had a change then do something. I wasn't able to use the passed payload in the event so I had to create discrete events for On/Off. It got even weirder here, back in node-red I injected On/Off commands because that's what my event was looking for but it didnít work. Or rather I could turn the lights Off but not On. I triple-checked the difficult spelling of On/Off in my event and everything looks right. I looked at the devices I see I my MQTT topic changing values but it only works for Off.
Hereís where it gets really weird. If I pass 0/1 on the set topic then the lights turn on/off. Thatís nowhere in my event.
Then I looked at mcsMQTT. It says my broker is offline (itís not). Iím guessing itís some combination of protocol and IP and port in the URL but I have no idea and Iím approaching done. There is at least documentation for this one
So, I have a couple of questions:
1. How do I wire MQTT subscribe/publish topics together?
2. How do I execute on data on a publish topic without creating an event for every single possible data point?
3. Is there actual documentation somewhere?
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