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GTS CPUXA Ocelot Plug-in (3P) Discussion of GTS CPUXA Ocelot Plug-in

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Old April 21st, 2016, 10:59 AM
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GTS CPUXA Plug-in Description

Plug in for Applied Digital Ocelot/Leopard.
This plug-in provides an RS232 interface from the Ocelot to Homeseer or higher.

  • Individual creation and deletion of IO, Variable, IR(Ocelot/Leopard and Secu16IR), Timers, Bobcats, and X10 devices.
  • Variables can be set from the Device Management page, event actions, and scripting.
  • Timers can be started and stopped from the Device Management page, event actions, stopped via scripting, and started from any point via scripting.
  • IR locations can be sent from the Device Management page, HomeSeer events, and can be learned from the device's Device Config page.
  • X10 received signals have event triggers for All ON, All OFF, Unit ON, and Unit OFF commands.
  • IO, Timers, Bobcats and Variables can trigger HomeSeer events with device value triggers.
  • Event triggers For IR Match
  • Scripting for set IO, set variable, set/stop timers, send IR, and send X10.
  • X10 can be set/sent from scripting without devices created.
  • Works with Windows and Linux.
  • Supports any combination of up to (18 max) Secu16, Secu16i, Secu16IR, Bobcat, and Rly08-XA units.
  • X10 support for lamp modules, extended lamp modules, appliance modules, and motion sensors at this time.
  • Plugin recognizes Ocelot/Leopard slaves but does not read/set variables or send IR at this time

Online Help

The latest CMAX is here.
The latest IRMAX is here.

Ocelots and ADICON units can be purchased at Automation Tec

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