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Insteon Plug-in (Mark Sandler) Discussions related to Mark Sandler's 3rd parth plug-in for controlling Insteon devices via Smarthome's PLM interfaces (the 2412 & 2413 series controllers)

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Old April 13th, 2018, 11:30 AM
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Getting Insteon remotes into my system


Because of frustrating z-wave issues I'm considering setting up an Insteon setup for remotes to control lighting.

Most of my lighting is Philips Hue and that works great, but the MiniMotes I use everywhere are still z-wave.

Is there a quick recommendation on what I need to set up Insteon remote controls to trigger HS events?

It looks like I might be able to get the Insteon USB dongle and use that with remotes, but it's unclear to me if I also need a "hub" or other Insteon controller the plug-in works with.

Also, it appears that there are two Insteon plug-ins, the HS free one and one by Mark... is that right?

I might add Insteon plug-in modules to replace the Z-wave modules I am using if I want to completely move away from z-wave. This might mean I need a hub; again I'm not sure.

Thanks in advance,

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Old April 13th, 2018, 12:17 PM
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the dongle, hub, and 2413s, and 2413u are all supported by my plugin. however...

- the usb dongle is discontinued so i wouldn't go that route.
- the hub provides internet access via the Insteon app but this is separate from anything i do with the hub via the plugin. i do not attempt to provide any compatibility with what the insteon app does. if you already use hstouch you don't need this.

check the following thread for a doc that has a comparison of the two plugins and what each supports:

please note if you start with the free plugin, there is not migration to mine. You would have to start fresh.

my suggestion is the 2413u (usb) or the 2413s (serial)

and one of the remotelinc smarthome ITEM# 2342-222

you can extend from there with plug-in modules, etc.

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Old April 13th, 2018, 01:48 PM
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I have two HS3 systems in two different locations. One is Insteon based and the other is Z-Wave Plus based. Both have remotes installed and they both work.

In general, I like Insteon better largely because of Mark being available for support. If you find a bug, it will get fixed. You get what you pay for with his plugin. The z-wave plugin is free and you also get what you pay for there.

Specifically, on the remotes, I find the Insteon based ones to be more responsive.

ETA, if you decide you no longer want your z-wave minimotes, let me know.

ETA2, my z-wave stuff does work. Moving to Insteon will cost you since you need the 2413 and a new remote. You might want to invest some more effort and find out what is wrong with your z-wave network.

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Old April 13th, 2018, 07:14 PM
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One more thought about Insteon and z-wave. In each of my systems, I have some battery operated devices. On the Insteon system, using the door/window sensors and motion detectors, I only get battery status on the motion sensors. Nothing on the door sensors. On the z-wave devices (mostly Aeon) I get the percentage on all the devices. I like that a lot. I have a HS-Touch screen that shows all devices and indicates which ones need attention. I've chosen not to have an event send me an alert. It would be trivial but its not that time critical.
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