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Old December 17th, 2017, 01:01 AM
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Plugin Weird Errors -> 2GB Log File

Hey Spud-

tldr: ecobee plugin inop until i deleted 2GB log file... working now

I came home today and my thermostat was on hold... however HS3 is supposed to do a resume program when I enter the house. My HS log is full of all kinds of ecobee errors. The plugin is receiving updates from the thermostats just fine (current temp, equpmt status), but I could not send anything to it. I have a huge laundry list of errors that were in my log. I tried a bunch of troubleshooting steps including installing the latest update, recycling the plugin and also re-doing the verification thing on the ecobee website. Before I rebooted my ZeeS2 (on mono 4.5.1) I wanted to grab the HS and ecobee logs. That's when I found out my ecobee log is 2GB. I downloaded it, but none of my text editors would open it. (NP++, wordpad, notepad, Word...) I deleted the log off the Zee and lo and behold the plugin is responding just fine now. So... I've had your log running on the debug level for several months now. Should I not do that? Should the log take care of itself? Finally, if you want my log, you'll have to teach me to do bittorrent because my file is (not exaggerating...) 5,000 times bigger than the forum software claims to allow for a txt file.

Anyhow, thanks for the great plugins and the wonderful support.


xxxZeeS2V2:~ $ mono -V
Mono JIT compiler version 4.5.1 (master/9db20c4 Fri May 13 15:41:42 EDT 2016)

HS3 System Profile:

Current Date/Time: 12/16/2017 10:56:26 PM
HomeSeer Version: HS3 ZEE S2 Edition
Linux version: Linux HomeTrollerZeeS2V2 4.1.19-v7+ #858 SMP Tue Mar 15 15:56:00 GMT 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux System Uptime: 7 Days 4 Hours 4 Minutes 46 Seconds
IP Address:
Number of Devices: 174
Number of Events: 87
Available Threads: 161

Enabled Plug-Ins Ecobee EnvisaLink Z-Wave

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