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Old May 17th, 2018, 08:08 PM
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HomeSeer HS-WD200+ Dimmer for 240v users.

Hi everyone,

This post serves as an FYI for people outside the US who live in countries with 240VAC power grids.

The HS-WD200+ is a fantastic piece of z-wave equipment. The standouts for me are the programmable status RGB LEDs and the 14 trigger scene controller capability. I haven't yet found another device that provides this level of control from a single paddle.

The HS-WD200+ is however a 110VAC device, intended for use within the US. I emailed and asked support whether the devices could support 110-240V, they replied and said no.

It is important to note that I can be equal parts stupid and stubborn. I didn't want to believe, that in this day and age of global manufacturing, that a digital device would be manufactured for a limited geographical market. So I purchased one anyway.

Now the disclaimer, I've done some very stupid things over the last couple of days and it should go without saying that all liability lies on me for my own actions and on you should you repeat anything I've done. We are well outside homeseers supported scenarios.

First of all, do NOT plug it into 240V, it WILL go bang (softly). Immediately the load output was rendered inoperable. Multimeter confirmed no voltage or current present out of the Load terminal when switched on. Prying the device open revealed a blackened shattered component ( I honestly couldn't tell from the remains what it was, resistor etc)

Now the interesting news, it still works. Well, the scene controller I mean. With the load output not providing a load, obviously you can't say in full honesty that the switch component works. However the switch device status still turns on and off when activated remotely or via the paddle.

You tap the paddle, status leds still come on, was able to associate the device into my network and use the scene controller to trigger other devices.

At this point my line of thinking was "OK, Z-wave is intended as an ultra low power technology, the digital control component (working) is separate to the analog switch component (blown)". "The digital component sips off a tiny amount of wattage from the available source to power itself, so how low can that available wattage go?"

I then started connecting some spare DC adapters I had, and found the following:

24V 1 AMP adapter: Works.
5V 2 Amp adapter: Did not work
12V 0.5 Amp adapter: Did not work
12V 1 Amp adapter: Did not work

So my conclusion is that I can make use of these wonderful scene controllers in a slightly limited capacity. Mount the device in a wall, connect power to a 24V AC/DC adapter. Do not connect the load or traveller terminals to anything. Associate the device with something like an Aeotec nano dimmer for control of the lighting in that room, then enjoy the benefits of 12 other scene triggers.

Yes I know the Aeotec wallmote also makes for a good wall mounted scene controller, however it is A) More expensive B) battery dependant and C) The 12 triggers available on a quad are achieved with a tap/vertical swipe/horizontal swipe on each of the 4 buttons. I much prefer the multi-tap of a HomeSeer paddle switch to a swipe action. But that's just opinion.
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Old May 17th, 2018, 09:09 PM
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Just a WAG here... I’ll bet the device was an MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor). These devices are used to protect electronics from surges. In the US the common value MOV is 170 volts. This device will act as a shunt when it reaches its clamp voltage of 170 volts. On 240 volts this device would look like a short circuit and because of the current, will catastrophically fail. When it failed, it might have blown a fuse or copper trace on the PCB.
Randy Prade
Aurora, CO

PHLocation - Pushover - EasyTrigger - UltraECM3 - Ultra1Wire3 - Arduino
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