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Old June 7th, 2016, 02:56 PM
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Global Cache PRO Release Notes

Release notes for the HS3 Global Cache Pro Plugin

Initial Release

Our Global Cache PRO Plug-in (GCPRO) is a new driver for Global Cache products that features a real-time link to Global Cache's online database of IR codes. This greatly simplifies the setup process for users as it provides a means to assign entire product "codesets" to individual GC hardware ports. Existing licensed users of the standard HomeSeer GC plug-in may switch to GCPRO at no extra cost. Simply use your existing GC license codes to register it. NOTE: there is no data migration path for those who switch from GC to GCPRO. You will need to redo your settings and custom IR codes. You'll also need to redo your existing IR/CC events.

These products are controllable with GCPRO:

IR Control
  • GC100
  • iTach IP2IR (standard and PoE versions)
  • iTach WF2IR
  • iTach Flex IP
  • iTach Flex IR

Relay Control
Getting Started
  1. Install the plug-in into your HS3 system
  2. Access the "GC Settings" screen using the PLUG-INS > Global Cache Pro flyout menu
  3. From the "Manage Units" tab, allow the auto-discovery function about 30 seconds to detect your Global Cache devices, then open the "Select Unit" drop-down menu. Select your GC unit and click the "Add Unit" button at right. Continue this process until all GC units have been added to the list at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Configure ports to function as desired. Depending on your unit, you may have port options for "IR", "Sensor" and "Blaster". Ports for contact closure controllers (IP2CC/WF2CC) are automatically configured and HomeSeer devices are automation created for these.
  5. Now, switch to the "Manage Codesets" tab and select the unit & port you with to assign to a specific product. Then select the Brand, Device and codeset you wish to test.
  6. Now select a "Function" from that codeset (Power On, Power Off or Power Toggle is recommended) and click the "Test" button. If it works, you probably selected the right codeset! If not, select a different codeset and try again
  7. Once you've selected the correct codeset, click the "Add" button at right and your selection will appear at the bottom. You may use the "Edit Functions List" button to remove functions you don't wish to use or don't work with your particular product.
  8. NOTE: Multiple codesets can be assigned to the same (GC Unit)/Port. This is necessary for proper blaster operation.

If the online database of IR codes does not include a codeset for your product, you'll need to manually learn the IR codes into your HomeSeer system. Here's how to do that.
  1. Switch to the "Manage Codes" tab
  2. Now select the GC Unit & port you wish to assign your manually learned code to.
  3. Enter the name of the function, such as "Volume Up"
  4. Now, click the "Learn" button and issue that command on your products remote control. Data should be captured automatically in the "IR Code" field.
  5. Now click the "Test" button. Your product should respond to the new code. If it does not, repeat the process until it is successful.
  6. Click the "Save" button to add your code to the list below.


Updated plugin to allow HSPRO users to use the plugin without requiring a license and password.

website | products | support | youtube

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