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HSTV Discussions related to the HSTV TV listings script package.

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Old November 12th, 2012, 10:41 PM
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How To: Random Phrases in HSTV.

If you are using both the HSTV Plugin and the Misc Plugin, you can include random phrases in the HSTV control items.

There are 4 ways to use a Random Phrase. You can control how generic or specific you want the phrase to be.

#MiscTVQuotes# - Use this variable in the control item and HSTV will use a random phrase from a Category named TV Quotes. This is the most generic of the options.

#MiscCategory# - If you want to make the phrases a bit more specific you can use miscCategory. TV shows fall into genres or categories like sitcom, action, science fiction, etc. This variable will have HSTV use a random phrase from a category that matches the TV programs category.
Ex. A sitcom will grab a ramdom phrase from the "Sitcom" category in the Misc Plugin.

#MiscChanNick# - This variable will allow you to get a random phrase from a category in the Misc Plugin that matches the nick name of the channel that you enter in HSTV>
Ex. A program on the Sy Fy channel will use a random phrase from the category "Sy Fy".

If you are like me, I want the Random Phrase to actually go with the tv show.
#MiscTitle# will get a random phrase where the category is the name of the tv show.
Ex. The show Doctor Who will use a random phrase from the category "Doctor Who"
Some of the random phrases that I use in the Doctor Who category

"Hey, push the red button thingy on the panel thing."

"That is not a sonic screwdriver. This is a sonic screwdriver! Prepare to be amazed!"

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