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Old July 11th, 2014, 02:09 PM
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Just put a coax pigtail on it, and then run some RG-6 to your attic. There you can use something like a cheap Radio Shack or other branded discone broadband antenna, make your own ground plane, or use something like one of the older TV antennas (I do this and get lots of signal just fine). Some purists will say to use 50 ohm cable instead of 75 ohm cable, but here is a little hint...it won't make any difference in this particular application, and receiving only, so just use the cheap quad shielded RG-6 as it is readily available (same like what is used for your TV/Cable company run).

Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/coaxial-cable-...dp/B00CKG6T9I/
Cut the gold end of, and strip the insulation back about a quarter of an inch. Solder the inner conductor where the wire comes out of your receiver (remove the wire). Solder the outer shield conductor to the ground plane of the board (negative).
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Old February 3rd, 2016, 11:29 AM
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Pete, you need to tap the output pin on the pic, and feed that into a max3232 ttl to serial chip. You can just leave their pumping transistor there. Then feed 5v past their serial port connected regulator where they try to pull power off the serial line. Use this also to feed power to the serial converter chip, with both then getting a common ground. Hookup power and a serial port on the rs232 side of the converter chip and you are in business.

I am writing this from memory on my phone, and I know you have the knowledge to figure it out from that, but let me know if you need a picture, and I can go look at mine.

Bringing this back as I have been playing a bit with it and unmodified it has been working fine for me.

I have a bunch of these that output via USB or Serial.

Where are the connection points on the RFID receiver that I have to connect to?

I am using the 12VDC RFID devices in the automobiles with the small antennas on them. I have moved the device such that the antenna has a better view.

RF40315T-x Active RFID 40 Meters Transmitting Module

Main RFID receiver is in the attic with the ground plane up (might reverse it). I have a bunch of these and today just use 2 of them. One is powered and the other one is not. Both work fine. I will take a better picture of a test one to modify.

Testing right now it works fine from the entrance of my subdivision getting a text page tickle when it is activated. It is about 4 minutes or so before I get to my driveway. Ideally for this test will utilize granular GPS coordinates maybe using the carpc as the ack box to the RFID stuff.

This is a picture depicting the distance that is working for me today. On the right is the entrance to the subdivision and the left is where the house is.

I now have this working better than when I did this picture.

Just curious if you could provide a schematic and pictures of your modifications?

Here just watching the serial output of the RFTags as they come in to view never see any issues with the data.

Nowadays it would probably be better to make it a little RPi2 project using a serial RF receiver/transmitter (miles range) and GPS device. You could build one of these for less than $100 USD.

Here is a pair of Zigbee devices which work at 1000 meters that could work in this endeavour. Just connect this gizmo to an RPi2 / GPS. This is not RFID but would work even better.

1 - Input Voltage : DC 5V~12V
2 - Working Temperature : -40C - +85C
3 - UART Rate : 38400bps(Default), can select 2400,4800,9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
4 - Frenquency : 2405MHz(Default),can select 2405~2480,Step 5MHz,Total of 16 channels
5 - Transmiter Protocol : Zigbee 2007/PRO
6 - Two point type for Zigbee network : Router(Default),Coordinator
7 - Transmiter Distance : Open environment Maximum 1000M
8 - Send Current : 150MA (Max),Receive Current: 45MA (Max),Average current 60MA(Typical)
9 - Receive Sensitive: -96dBm
10 - Main Chip: CC2530F256 + CC2591, peal Zigbee 2007 protocl
11 - Interface :RS232(PIN2 TX;PIN3 RX;PIN5 GND)
12 - Size:66*55*27(Excluding antennas, connectors, mounting bracket)
- Pete


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