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Current Status Update

I've had quite a few emails about the download link for the plug-in being broken so I'm making this post to explain the situation.

I put up a new version a few days ago and found that there were some bugs relating to the iCloud service.

Before I knew about the bugs, I had already done quite a bit of work on adding some mapping features. The mapping features were not finished so the choices were:

1. Go back to the last saved project, fix the iCloud issues, put out an update, then add the mapping to that project and put out another update.

2. Add the iCloud fixes to my current working project and incorporate both things.

I chose option 2 but the caveat was that I couldn't put out an update until the mapping was in a usable state.

The issue is that I don't want any users who installed to downgrade because this will cause problems going forward, so I removed the download link in an attempt to minimise any further issues.

I will put out a new version tomorrow (Saturday) so the download link will be restored.

Apologies for any inconvenience...

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No worries Paul - appreciate your hard work on this
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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
No worries Paul - appreciate your hard work on this

I second that! No worries...been following your updates....

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Update 2

I'm working hard towards restoring the download link and I'm pretty confident that a new version will be ready later today.

All the iCloud bugs found in have been fixed.
The delay in getting out a new version is because I've been adding the 1st phase of dynamic mapping and making some major changes to the GUI of the plug-in to fit this and future mapping features in.

html is not my strong point so this is taking far longer than I would have liked. I'm almost done with that now and I must say a BIG thank you to Randy for his time in testing umpteen new builds over the last week or so.

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