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Old November 17th, 2012, 01:33 PM
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Snevl Latitude Version 2

Attached is version 2.7 of Snevl Latitude, built upon the previous (v1.x) versions which had been posted here: http://board.homeseer.com/showthread.php?t=149363

Snevl Latitude gathers location information from your phone (and the phone of friends). The primary features:
  • Maintains a track database of the location for each person (specifically, the location of their phone).
  • Creates up to two static Google map images for each person, which can be placed in a device string for display on HSTouch. Maps can show either a track of the most recent locations (up to 20) or the most recent location reported. Road, satellite, or hybrid maps are supported. A handy way to use the two available maps for each person is to have one device show the track of the last N locations, and the other to show the most recent location.
  • Also can create a static Google map showing a group of people, e.g. the location of everyone in the family on one map.
  • An active javascript Google map page is provided, allowing annimation of a track, animation (bouncing) of the current location, zooming, panning, etc.
  • You can create and maintain any number of "places" (e.g. home, work, mall, etc.) as well as a set of distances from any person to a places. These can be assigned to devices, and the distance value will be place in the appropriate device. In addition, a distance device will be turned ON when the associated person is "near" the associated "place", and turned off when the distance is no longer "near". You can use this ON/OFF to trigger events when someone approaches or departs a place.
  • With the demise of Google Latitude (RIP), location information can be from either FollowMee, Btraced, Backitude or any combination of the three. FollowMee and Btraced apps support either Android or iOS devices, Backitude is Android only, and FollowMee also supports Windows Phones. For more information about BTraced, see the BTraced site (http://www.btraced.com) and/or read the attached document descriging how BTraced works with Snevl Latitude. For more information about FollowMee, see the FollowMee site (http://www.followmee.com). Note: FollowMee now only supports a subscription Web Service API, and v2.7 is required to interface to that service. For information about Backitude, see the Google Play Store.
  • Several other data items can be kept in device strings for use in HSTouch. These include date/time of last update, latitude, longitude, position (a composite of street address, city, and state/province), GPS accuracy, and a few others. BTraced also reports a few other fields (e.g. altitude and phone battery status) which can also be put into devices.
  • A simple capability to stream semi-realtime data from Snevl Latitude into Google Earth.
If you are upgrading, install everything from the attached ZIP except the data directory. Follow the instructions (in the docs directory) and your existing data should be preserved while upgrading your database, the web pages, and the main script. Instructions for setting up the for use with the specific apps are accessed via the FollowMee or Btraced/Backitude tabs of the web page.

NOTE: If you are upgrading, you will need to manually run the script once before attempting to bring up the web page. The web page expects the new database schema, and the script will automatically upgrade the database. (See the README)

The changes since the previous generation version, v1.x are:
  • Significant restructure of the database, which had been keyed around the Google Latitude "badge" ID. This change was necessary to support BTraced.
  • Added a new ASPX page that is used by BTraced to send location information to your HS Server.
  • Restructured the tabs of the main web page to include "People", "Latitude", and "Btraced/Backitude" where you can define people to be tracked, where to get the tracking information, and what devices to create and populate for each person.
  • Added the active javascript Google map page.
  • Incorporated more error prevention / handling in several places (see the change log file for specifics)
See the bottom of this thread or the discussion thread for changes since v2.0.

Attached are the ZIP of the files to install, as well as a document describing how Btraced works (in case you want to understand it better before moving to v2).

Post any questions, comments, or issues with Version 2 of Snevl Latitude in the discussion thread (here:http://board.homeseer.com/showthread.php?t=156655).

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