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Old March 27th, 2017, 02:14 PM
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Conditional Compare < and > between two Temperature devices

GOAL: I want to automatically raise/lower the window shades in my house when there is heat from the sun entering the window - to warm the room in the winter.

CONDITION: I have Multisensors located at both sides of a window shade: 1) window glass side and 2) room side of shade. (also a Davis Vantage Pro Weather station outside)

LOGIC: The temperature of each sensor can be compared to each other to determine which "side" of the shade is warmer. If the "window glass-side" of the shade is warmer (greater-than function) than the "room-side" of the shade, then open the shade to let the heat in. (Vise-versa for night time)

REQUEST: Would prefer a menu to perform this function rather than a script.

PROBLEM: HomeSeer does not have a menu option to compare the delta (< and >) of two temperature hardware devices. It can only compare a <> temperature device against a "typed in" known temperature (or do a temperature range).
Since both of these installed temperature sensors are constantly changing all day long, the crossover point at which one sensor becomes warmer (or colder) than another sensor is never the same and this is important for optimizing window shades up and down on a solar heated home.

HISTORY: HS3 allows scripts for comparing two Multisensor values, but this script didn't work in HS2:
sub main()
' Compare Temperature <> for two MultiSensor temperatures and then trigger an event:

if hs.DeviceValueByNameEx ("Node 10 Z-Wave Window living room Outside Temperature") > hs.DeviceValueByNameEx ("Node 11 Z-Wave Window Living room Inside Temperature")then hs.TriggerEvent ( "IR Living room shade up" ):hs.Speak("Living Ro2om SHades down.")

end sub

Last edited by avenson; May 1st, 2017 at 01:07 AM. Reason: Add in a script that works as a substitute to a menu.
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Old March 27th, 2017, 02:46 PM
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have a look at the EasyTrigger plug-in, it has a trigger to compare 2 device values:
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conditionalcompare, temperaturedelta

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