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Old October 18th, 2016, 05:26 AM
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HS Logo Cisco IP Phone Development

Hi All,

So I have cisco 7970 phones in my house and thought they could be a good platform for homeseer interaction, rather than having separate HS touch devices.

In relation to this plugin/post:

Is there a sub for this plugin here on the forums? Could not find.

Except the above plugin requires a cisco CM system? (I could be wrong) so I developed my own since I use asterisk. (App not actually related to or uses asterisk)

Anyway, I have been developing something very similar for homeseer:

I have also developed some scrips in PHP that allow dial from computer etc:


And to display a clock on the default screen:


I am currently developing a status box for homeseer for the phones.
I got this idea from other users using LCD screens around the house to display status etc, so why not have it on the phones

I have been working on these things plus a few other things like events, alerts etc...

I am asking for some advice, especially from that other developer that made this for homeseer: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ipphonexml/
since I developed all this in PHP since I have no knowlage of asp.net, and only uses homeseer API and URLs (not an actual plugin)

So was thinking we could join forces and either I help develop his app, or a new one (remember mine does not need cisco call manager, the reason for creating my own). I need some help creating a plugin for this so it could potentially be releasable.

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Old October 23rd, 2016, 02:20 PM
bbuck2002 bbuck2002 is offline
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Hello! I am the developer (using that term broadly) behind the HS2 IP phone interface. I have replied to your SourceForge message, but wanted to respond here also for others to benefit!

I am certainly interested in joining forces with anyone else interested in this capability. I have been in the process of porting to an HS3 plugin that will run, so far unsuccessfully. I could either use help fixing my C# code for HS3, or I am happy to port my functionality to anyone else's base code as well moving forward.

To understand what I have been able to accomplish thus far, the HS2 version of my plugin can be found here:

My documentation isn't great, but here's a video I had made to show the functionality (starting at 5 minutes in):

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cisco, cisco ip phone, ip phone

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