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Old April 24th, 2010, 04:05 PM
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SqueezeBox and speaker client

If you wish to play sounds or speak text on SqueezeBox players, you can use two approaches. Both require that you use the latest 2.0.0 Beta 2 version

Stream a Speaker client to stream sounds to SqueezeBox players

This approach let’s you stream any sound including music player by media player and the output of Speaker Clients to SqueezeBox players. It requires that you install the SqueezeBox Server wavein plug-in, which lets you stream output from your soundcard to players. The advantage is that it streams anything you send to the sound card, though there is a delay between playing it on the sound card and SqueezeBox players and does not work with all sound cards.

To use this approach, install the wavein plug-in ensure it is working fine (by streaming output from the media player to a SqueezeBox player for example). In the plug-in configuration page, check “Use Wave Input” and enter the wavein url to stream the content from the sound card in “SqueezeBox WaveIn URL”.

You will also need to decide when and how to switch to streaming sounds using the wavein plug-in. You perform this on a need basis by calling the plug-in EnableSpeaking and call the plug-in API DisableSpeaking when done. You also need to specify the speak volume for every player to which sounds from the sound card should be streamed to.

If you wish to automatically enable it each time HS2 speaks and disable it once HS2 is done speaking, you need to use a Speak Proxy. The SqueezeBox plug in includes a basic one, or you can use another Speech Proxy plug-in.

The built-in Speak Proxy is enabled in the configuration page. The “Delay Before Speaking” is the delay between the time the commands are sent to the player to start streaming from wavein and the HS2 will start speaking. This typically should be set to a few seconds (5 for example) to give each player enough time to connect to the stream. “Delay After Speaking” between when Speaker clients stopped speaking and when the player’s configuration is restore to how it was before it was switched to stream from wavein. If you don’t specify a Speaker Client in “SqueezeBox WaveIn SpeakerClient” in the plug-in configuration, it will wait until all Speaker clients’s audio is turned off before switching back to player’s previous settings. You can also specify a specific player and the plug-in will restore SqueezeBox player’s settings once the audio for this player is turned off.

If you use another Speak Proxy, you should call the SqueezeBox plug-in API EnableSpeaking() and DisableSpeaking() based on events from your proxy plug-in to enable and disable streaming from the Speaker Client to Squeezebox players that have their speak volume set to a positive value.

Use the SqueezeBox plug-in built in TTS

The basic built-in TTS is an alternative if wavein is not compatible with your sound card or you wish to speak text independently of a Speaker client.

As before you can enable it on a need basis by calling the APIs in EnableSpeaking () and DisableSpeaking(). To speak a text call the SqueezeBox plug-in API Speak(). Each time you call the Speak API, the request is queued up and once the previous text has been spoken if any, the text is converted to a wav file (SpeakIn.wav) and a command is sent to every SqueezeBox player that has a non zero speak volume to play this wav file (by playing a URL like this one: http://{hs2 server and port}/squeezebox/SpeakIn.wav).

If you wish to automatically enable speaking as HS2 speaks, you should enable the SqueezeBox plug-in Speak Proxy as described before. Each time, HS2 speaks notifies the SqueezeBox plug-in, the text is queued up, converted to the Wave file (SpeakIn) a phrase at the time and streamed to the appropriate players as described in the prior paragraph.

The built-in is not a full fledged HS2 Speaker Client. It only implements a basic TTS functionality.

Note that on a few occasions I experience problems when streaming the URL http://{hs2 server and port}/squeezebox/SpeakIn.wav for some players (including when I stream by entering the URL into the “Tune In URL” field of the SqueezeBox Server page.

If you have other suggestions or streaming techniques feel free to post and share them!
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Old September 7th, 2010, 01:50 AM
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I guess i'm limited to the TTS since i'm running my SBS on a Netgear ReadyNAS Pro. Or are there any other options?
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Old September 9th, 2010, 04:34 PM
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The TTS is one option. I don't think the SqueezeBox WaveIn would work as it needs to stream from the sound card. If you can wire the output of a sound card from a PC running the hs speaker to the NAS device to use it as an input, the SqueezeBox WaveIn could be another option, though have not tried such a configuration.
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