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Old May 25th, 2017, 08:21 AM
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To catch a thief

Helping an automation peer with Zoneminder connected to 4 CCTV IP HD cameras. Currently using Zoneminder video algorithms outside.

Side comment: not a real nice neighborhood. (Washington DC). I have suggested using wired outdoor PIR motion sensors connecting them to Elk M1 panel and using these sensors to trigger motion events on Zoneminder.

Yesterday police were all over the neighborhood chasing a purse snatcher.

Caught the thief jumping his back yard fence.

Automator provided short video to authorities. Not sure if it will help?

The attached frames are triggered frames which are 1900X1200 pixel size.

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- Pete


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Old May 25th, 2017, 09:09 AM
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Thats awesome!

Where I work, we have a camera system we sell to schools, hospitals, etc.
We had one of the schools share a funny story with us.

It seems there was some altercation at the school and parents/students were summoned to the principals office. The parents each said "There is no way my son started anything!".
The principal pulled up the video and showed the parents. He said it got real quiet, then the parents quietly apologized and dragged their kids out by the ear!

The video never lies

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Old May 25th, 2017, 09:42 AM
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Yet, there is still denial. They even installed cameras on the school buses at my wife's old school.

Student goes nutz on the bus, parent is called in for conference, and the result is that the parent admits the student in the video "looks" like her little darling, but it COULDN'T be him because "he just doesn't act that way."
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Old May 25th, 2017, 09:44 AM
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Just my professional opinion here but I see it all too often. Rookies like to install their security cameras as if they are taking a picture of their house. You know what your house looks like, what you want to see is the bad guy. If the camera was mounted on the house looking out you would have gotten a nice shot of his face. Not to mention any professional theif would disable the camera from behind before breaking into your house, I've seen it happen. My favorite trick is to put up a fake camera with a covert camera looking right at it. When they disable the fake one they get very proud of themselves and how smart they are. I know this because I can see it their face!
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