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Old August 25th, 2016, 02:57 AM
kriz83 kriz83 is offline
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SurveillanceStation plug-in - Feature requests

Please post your feature requests here.
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Old July 2nd, 2017, 02:34 PM
simzdk simzdk is offline
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Will it be possible to set the new Home / Away status in Surveillance Station from the HomeSeer plugin?
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Old July 2nd, 2017, 04:06 PM
kriz83 kriz83 is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2012
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I will look into it. Last time i checked, there was no API documentation available for the latest SS version.

At the moment I am busy with some construction works at home, so dont expect a new version in the coming weeks...
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Old January 30th, 2018, 01:35 AM
Timmy_G Timmy_G is offline
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Any update on the Home/Away support?


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Old January 31st, 2018, 05:29 PM
deanrparry deanrparry is offline
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2 step verification would be good
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Old February 1st, 2018, 03:37 AM
kriz83 kriz83 is offline
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Last time I checked the API documentation wasn't updated.
Once I have the necesarry API calls, implementation is easy. I'm afraid I don't have time to debug how the web-based application is working ...

Seems like a new api was released:

Give me some time to implement this properly. My agenda is quite full at the moment

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Old April 12th, 2018, 08:45 PM
fschwing fschwing is offline
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Very interested in 'home mode' support. I'd like to trigger my cameras to record on motion when we set our alarm system to 'away'.
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Old June 24th, 2018, 06:09 PM
morrisdlx's Avatar
morrisdlx morrisdlx is offline
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Surveillance Station on QNAP

I currently have 8 cameras network connected to a QNAP TS-453 Pro. I have full time low resolution and motion alerted high resolution recording in place. I would like to be able to integrate some of my SS functionality with my Homeseer capabilities and maybe further extend things by using IFTTT to link actions between Homeseer and my Abode alarm system.

Do you have any plans of providing support for QNAP?
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Old July 3rd, 2018, 07:19 PM
nfrobertson's Avatar
nfrobertson nfrobertson is offline
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I saw this plugin is called "Surveillance Station" and probably incorrectly assumed it was for QNAP Surveillance Station" A bit more reading seems to show this is for Synology Surveillance Station. I assume this plugin isn't QNAP Surveillance Station compatible then?

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Platform: Windows 10 Pro 64bit, core2 duo 2.0Ghz, 4GB memory
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Old Yesterday, 04:31 PM
scyto scyto is offline
Join Date: Jun 2018
Location: Washington
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AFAIK no it isn't.
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