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I have been looking at the disconnect/reconnect. I have a positive way of detecting a lost connection but still working to reestablish one. Likely a timing problem so I expect to resolve it soon.

I also put the three segments on a tabbed page. This looks much cleaner. Some other features added as well. I will upload after I get the reconnect working.
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Sounds like you’re on the right track!

Had couple ideas to build off this... how about having the PI generate a Root and a few child status devices? These devices could then be used in HS events as status triggers/conditions.

The PI root device could show the connection status with the broker. It could also have Enable and Disable buttons to force connection/disconnection to the broker. I could then easily set an event to alert me when the PI lost connection with the broker.

There could be four child devices. The first pair of devices are for the last received MQTT message and the second pair is the last sent MQTT message. In each pair the first device is the full topic and the second device is the payload.

These devices could then be easily used in other plugins or events to trigger actions based upon any received topic. It could also be an easy to use ‘status’ window to see what messages are being sent and received for testing purposes.

Not to be greedy but since you’re adding tabs, what about adding a debug log tab that has a log of all sent and received topics and payloads. Would be handy to have a place to go to see a log of the MQTT messages sent and received. Something that can be filtered would be handy.
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