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Old May 22nd, 2017, 01:50 PM
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batch updates and device authentication?

Has anyone gotten Z-flash to actually batch update? I'm using Z-flash directly on my hometroller (with HS3 temporarily shutdown) and my primary Z-NET interface and I can start it up, wait for 10 minutes or so while it iterates through my 80-some-odd devices (half of which it doesn't find), and then when I get to the device list (which is nothing but node numbers, manufacturer, and version) and attempt to update even just two HSM-200's, it starts the update process and then gives me a message in the Status area that reads "Device reports that authentication is required, press button on unit then start again". If I truely have to go around and figure out which device is associated with which each node number and press the button in sequence as this progresses, then I wouldn't call this a batch update tool but rather a centralized, one-at-a-time, tool. I have yet to successfully get z-flash to update any of the multitude of HSM-100 or HSM-200 devices I've got. Oddly enough, if I don't press any button and just wait, I see "Starting firmware update for node xx" messages in the log followed by "Timeout, device has stopped requesting data, update for node xx aborted" and eventually I get a "Updates Complete" message in the status area as well as a "Version updates complete" message in the log...but of course the version #'s displayed for each device doesn't change.

P.S pressing the button on the HSM-200, as requested by z-flash, puts the device into blue flashing light mode (inclusion/exclusion) but that lasts for all of 10 seconds, which if you're trying to run around and "authenticate" each device as z-flash goes along, is just not doable unless maybe you're THE Flash (pun intended).

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