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IRTrans (3P) Discussion area for the IRTrans Infrared transceiver plug-in by Brian McGinnis (YoYo)

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Old November 6th, 2017, 08:49 PM
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Home IRTrans Plug-In Description


The IRTrans plug-in for HomeSeer v3 allows HomeSeer to work with the IRTrans IR transmitter/receiver devices.

Key Features
  • Supports sending IR codes and detecting received IR codes.
  • Full support for selection of individual remotes, buses, and devices in triggers.
  • Full support for selection of individual remotes, buses, devices, and external emitters in actions.
  • IR sequence detection. (matching on a sequence of received signals within a time period)
  • IR code repeating. (ex. HSTouch users can hold a button down to repeat an IR code)
  • Supports multiple IRTrans units on a single bus or multiple busses and zoned IR transmission.
  • Scripting support for sending IR codes.
The latest version supports both Windows and Linux installs and is available via the PLUG-INS | Manage menu under the "Audio / Video and Infra-Red (IR)" section.
Take a look at the Plug-In Documentation, or you can learn more about the IRTrans line of devices at the IRTrans web site.

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Old November 6th, 2017, 09:05 PM
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Version has been released and is available via the plug-in manager.

The release marks initial support for Linux operating systems in addition to Windows.

Release Notes:
  • Fix: Documentation links have been updated to reflect a change in hosting.
  • Fix: The remote list at times would appear unsorted.
  • Fix: Newly added remotes would not immediately appear when choosing the PLUG-INS | IRTrans | Send Code menu option.
  • Feature: The "Send Code" page will accept parameters to automatically send IR codes simply by adding them as parameters to the http request.
  • Feature: Scripting callbacks are now supported.
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