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Old February 19th, 2018, 05:16 PM
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Serious problems with HSTouch design and SqueezeBox plug-in

I was using HS2 SqueezeBox plug-in for several years without any problems.
Attached here is a picture of my HS2 design that worked flawlessly.
Just FYI I have only few songs in the LMS server locally for testing only. All of my music comes over the Internet and LMS is tuned to that.
I ported the same design to my HS3 setup using HS3 HSTouch and working HS3 server. All Windows based and LMS resides on the same machine as HS3 (nothing else has changed).
Here are the problems I experience in HS3 .

1. Music navigation is restricted to my local few songs on LMS only.
2. Important buttons are missing in the navigation pane such as
LMS Favorites
LMS Apps
LMS Radio

3. Always plays the first track, regardless of selection of track.
4. Buttons FF and FB do not work.
5. Overall sluggish (but this could be HSTouch problem as other screens are sluggish as well).
6. There are lines in the plug-in setup that I have hard time finding what to put in like TTS Speaker ???? or Pandora media file ??? Those are different and were non existent in HS2 version.
7. My Pandora is already integrated in LMS, do I need to set it up here separately?
8. Where is the documentation/user manual for the plug-in?
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Old February 19th, 2018, 08:53 PM
pcp pcp is offline
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The media implementation changed from HS2 to HS3 (HSTouch & HS3 specs and APIs to implement). I do not think you can use existing HS2 (media) screens as-is and will need to update them. For the HS3 Squeezebox plugin, you need to HSTouch/HS3 enable media APIs. You do this by checking "Enable Media APIs for Virtual Player (Requires plug-in restart)" and "Enable Media APIs for Individual Players (Requires plug-in restart) ".

If the second one is selected, in HSTouch you will see one entry per player connected in the music System selection in HSTouch elements; with such a selection the screen is specific to a player.

If the first one is enabled, there is enabled, a virtual player is accessible from the music System selection in HSTouch elements. This allows from a single screen to control multiple players, one at the time. The player been configured at a time is determined by the value of the "Selected Player" device the plugin creates. This device should have buttons in its control to select the currently active player. The virtual player works as a bridge between a single HSTouch screen and one of your real LMS players.

Ensure the media APIs (at least one of tem) are enabled. Also check in HSTouch which music System you selected and ensure that the "Selected Player" is configured to a player.

The documentation (PDF) can be accessed from the HS3 Tools > Help menu.

Just a separate note about the media APIs & HSTouch integration: there was a reasonable amount of energy and discussions with HS put into the media APIs a few years back but has not panned out as we (plugin developers) hoped especially around media browsing in HSTouch.
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Old February 21st, 2018, 04:29 PM
risquare risquare is offline
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Originally Posted by pcp View Post
I do not think you can use existing HS2 (media) screens as-is and will need to update them. .
Yes, I did that. Will try the rest of your recommendations.
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Old April 19th, 2018, 04:59 PM
skarragallagher skarragallagher is offline
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I would be interested to see if the original poster has any success with this as I have not.

I have spent 100's of man hours trying to get this to work, and it always comes down media API sucks and Homeseer won't fix it. Even things that are said "supposed to work" don't.

I use LMS with Spotify as my main source of music and it never has pulled any of the information ever. Oddly enough it appears that some of the information is being pulled and stored somewhere as i can see some details in HS Designer, but even when i run the windows client it doesn't display anything.
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