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Old October 9th, 2017, 02:45 PM
drozwood90 drozwood90 is offline
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Hello again!

Wow, another long hiatus!
Life sure keeps getting in the way. While I can't say I'll be here everyday again, I'll be trying to frequent more often.

A little update:
Moved my HSZee S1 to a slightly new location. Seems to make it happier. I've been backing it up manually with a DD command to an SSH server. That seems to be working well.

My workshop has a Z-Wave appliance module to control the lights, but I think it is on the FRINGE. Optimizing it helped a LOT, but still is not 100%. Maybe 90% vs the 50% I was getting. As it is just out of range, I'll switch to UPB. Not my first choice as I am currently (still) moving from HS2 to HS3. I've been keeping up with the updates (thanks Homeseer + the auto updater!).

I think the next step for me is to DD my HSZee one more time, then upgrade it.

From there, everything else is just status! Everything works quite well. I'd like to finish the move to HS3 though, as that would mean freeing up a LOT of resources on my server. The HS3 machine uses less ram and less processor cores. The current HS2 machine HAD to use a LOT of resources as it is an IMAGE of a REAL computer that had all that stuff. I tried to reduce resources and it was VERY unhappy. Has been really stable - but it limits my setup.

A while ago, I got a REALLY good deal on a Dell T20 server. My brother figured out the right stackable coupons. I got it for $85 shipped to the house.

So, I've spread my Virtual machines around.

I've also added a 10G network between the two machines. Strange that I see link and ESXi reports it, but I can't seem to get communications between the two machines. I just need to install a few Virtual machines and troubleshoot. Hardware-wise, I think it is AOK.

The reason for the 10G, I use Stablebit drivepooling. I moved a few iSCSI drives into the T20. So far, it seems OK on the Gigabit network, but I'd like to move it to the 10G for isolation (normal traffic for all other Virtual machines run over the 1G network) and speed (see previous point).

I also have been running a new Virtual Machine that contains Stablebit drivepooling and Clouddrive. software. I've been able to pool ALL my "free" cloud drives (OneDrive, Google Drive, Drop Box, Box). Basically, the Cloud Drive software gives you a local hard drive that is AES encrypted (if you want). Very similar to the actual provider drives, except it shows as a REAL drive. So, I can operate on it as if it was local. Then, I use the pooling software to pool them into a 300GB drive that is OUTSIDE my house. I wanted a place to put all my family pictures and media that is irreplaceable if the house burns down. I even have a networked drive that I will either ship to my friend's house or give to a neighbor. I'd prefer the neighbor due to my shoestring internet connection, but I'll take what I can get. It is more important to have the data OUTSIDE the house.

With this, I've been drawing up a diagram of what I have going on. I'll share once it is complete, but I do not have all the hard drives mapped out yet.

The last thing I did was re-install Eventghost. Somehow I goofed up a configuration file and did not have a backup. That is what I use to connect Autoremote to HomeSeer. Kind of like what the push bullet plugin does.

Anyway, nice to see you all again and I hope to frequent more often! Especially as I finish up the HS3 conversion. Last thing I did was convert my main event script, which would give me 90% of my events in 1 shot. I'm only about half done with the conversion of that script. :-(

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Old October 10th, 2017, 06:35 AM
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Welcome back Dan
I look forward to seeing your diagram when you get it done.
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Old October 10th, 2017, 11:27 AM
drozwood90 drozwood90 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Western NY
Posts: 3,822

I'll certainly post when I get it even close to done. I've got the servers listed with the Virtual Machine breakdown. I started listing out hard drives recently.
Once that is done, I'll post at least that much!

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Old October 10th, 2017, 11:48 AM
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Hi Dan,
Good to see your posts again. I've missed your perspective.
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Old October 11th, 2017, 08:08 AM
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Good to see you Dan!!!
- Pete


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